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Super Junior Hits Hong Kong, Three Members MIA?


Attention ELFs, Super Junior has touched base in Hong Kong! Yesterday, the popular SM group arrived in the famous city to begin preparations for the China leg of their Super Show 2 Live Tour. Since they arrived only one day before the concert, these boys must have been tremendously busy – aside from rehearsals and settling in, they held a press conference on the day of their arrival.

Highlights include Heechul in a mask & a few lines of (endearingly?) indecipherable Cantonese from our favorite thirteen-man idol group. The members promised fans a concert to look forward to – each member promised solo performances, including Ryeowook crossdressing & Donghae riding a bicycle. Wait, hold up – I think this concert just got a WHOLE lot more interesting!


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Super Junior’s Kangin will not attend Asia Song Festival


Although Kangin is now in Hong Kong for Super Junior’s Super Show 2 concert, it has just been confirmed that he will not attend the 2009 Asia Song Festival.

SM Entertainment stated to Newsen on the 18th:

Kangin will not be attending the Asia Song Festival. Although Kangin will not attend, the rest of the Super Junior members will continue on as planned and perform on stage.

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Super Junior – Gee [Chibi]




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SJ VCR message to ELF @ Super Show II

The people here today with us,
Our Dear ELF; Dongsaengs, Noonas, Hyungs ~
We are the Super Junior that has been
loved so much by you all. We have been together
for almost 4 years now. In these 4 years, what are
the things about Super Junior that changed?
First of all, there’s more members,
we’re older now, and our style’s different.
Then, what about the things that didn’t change?
What are they?
It’s our heart to everyone.
The people sitting in the audience,
some of them loved us ever since we were trainees,
some of them loved us ever since watching our debut stage,
and there’s also some that came to watch us,
who only knew about us today.
But no matter what matter, no matter where.
The way you can love Super Junior so much
with all your heart, is what matters, right?
the most important is the fans currently loving Super Junior.
we’re really thankful to you guys. love you all.
2005 November 6th, On our debut stage, we’re still amateurs.
2009 July, the stage everyone’s going to see right now
will be the happiest. the hottest. the most valuable
thing we’ve ever spent with everyone. It’s the
best representative of Super Junior’s stage.
We really want to hold everyone’s hands
in the audience, and hug you all tightly.
Even though it’s hard, even though it’s tiring; but
because you guys are here, we’ll always be filled with energy

ELF ~ ELF~ ELF. We’re really thankful, from the
bottom of our hearts, for the love you’ve given us.
Please be with us always
We are super juni OR~~

cr: gyuhyunbar.cn &

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