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Super Junior REAL Twitter Account

Shindong :


– Donghae :

– Sungmin :

– Siwon :







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KARA’s Park Gyuri appointed as Shim Shim Ta Pa DJ

KARA’s leader, Park Gyuri has been appointed as the successor to the outgoing Kim Shin Young as the new DJ of Shim Shim Ta Pa with Super Junior’s Shindong.

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Sungmin Chucks a Bruce Lee


Super Junior member Sungmin has once again showed his impressive skills in martial arts on Super Junior’s (Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong) variety show, Lord of the Rings. With E.L.Fs already given a taste of Sungmin’s kick-ass skills on Star King some time ago, fans were delighted to see more.

Sungmin’s segment on the episode starts around 6:50.

Here’s part two, where he was challenged to put out the flames of five candles with a nunchuck.

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Super Junior’s Naver Rank

Super Junior #45

Leeteuk #135

Heechul #57

Hangeng #326

Yesung #521

Kangin #209

Shindong #418

Sungmin #98

Eunhyuk #168

Donghae #127

Siwon #323

Ryeowook #360

Kibum #183

Kyuhyun #163

Henry #1295

Zhoumi [He wasnt given a number, as he ‘0′ searches??]

credit: Sapphire Pearls

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