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Check out Daesung & Seungri’s “Like Big Bang” MV from HaHa Mong Show

The latest episode of the HaHa Mong show featured a hilarious MV by Big Bang’s Daesung & Seungri. The MV is Continue reading


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Seungri Strong Baby Uncut / Passionate Version?


The cut scene from Big Bang member Seungri’s “Strong Baby” MV is finally released, but compared to what baby V.I. did appeared to do on stage, this seems mild.

Obviously this whole issue with Seungri kissing touching lips with some random girl is sure to spark tons of controversy. Poor girl… within days I’m sure crazy fangirls/losers netizens will get a hold of her Cyworld page to spam it with distasteful, rude, invasive, and crude remarks for doing what she was paid to do hate messages and ruin her life. Oh the danger of working with Korean celebrities these days.

But really, sitting on his lap and barely touching lips, coupled with an obviously fake make out scene at the end (Hmm… why is it so blurry? It’s almost as if they don’t want you to see that it’s fake…) makes me think that YG cut the scene from the MV not for being too racy, but for the sheer awkwardness radiating from the two playmates “lovers.” Seungri.. c’mon… at least look at the girl you’re pitifully attempting to bang. The camera will not continue you’re bloodline… jeez. For those of you new to the wonders of Korean fangirls, if you think that the screaming in the video was girls screaming in joy… oh how mistaken you are. They were screams born from a deep ripping pain within their chests… and they are hellbent for revenge. I honestly expect that girl’s entire life biography up on Naver before the week is over.


Thanks to ohsnap for the tip!

source: allkpop.com

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KARA ‘Wanna’ MV Released


The MV to KARA’s comeback title song ‘Wanna’ has been revealed!

Dumping the sweet image, the girls are back with more matured features.


photo [cut]:


source: K BITES

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