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2PM’s first comeback stage will be on M!Countdown

Beastly idol group 2PM will make their first comeback stage for their single/mini album Don’t Stop Can’t Stop on Mnet M!Countdown. It seems like M!Countdown has been snatching all the big comeback stages these days, like Rain’s and Hyori’s.

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Nominees for MNet 20’s Choice 2009 released!

HOT Drama Star (Male)

Lee Seung Gi (Brilliant Legacy)
Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers)
Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers)
Lee Minho (Boys Over Flowers)
Yoon Sang Hyun (Queen of the Housewives)

HOT Drama Star (female)

Han Hyo Joo (Brilliant Legacy)
Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers)
Go Hyun Jung (Queen Sun Duk)
Kim Nam Joo (Queen of the Housewives

HOT Movie Star (male)

Ha Jung Woo (National Representative)
Won Bin (Mother)
Kang Ji Hwan (Level 7 Civil Servant)
Jo In Sung (Frozen Flower)
Kim Yoon Suk (Turtle Runs)

HOT Movie Star (female)

Park Bo Young (Speedy Scandal)
Ha Ji Won (Haeundae)
Kim Haneul (Level 7 Civil Servant)
Um Jung Hwa (Insadong Scandal)
Kim Ok Bin (Thirst)


Kim Yuna (Ssing Ssing)
Big Bang &2NE1 (Lollipop)
Seagull (Expert)
Lee Minho (Flower Boy Donut)
Kwak Min Suk (Min Suk Look)

HOT New Star

Wang Suk Hyun
Lee Minho
Kim So Eun
Jang Gi Ha and the Faces

HOT Variety Star

Kim Tae Won
Lee Haneul
Sun Woo Young Nyuh

HOT Character

Teacher Kang of the Dressing Room (Kang Yumi, An Young Mi, Jung Kyung Mi, Kim Kyung Ah)
Sub Sub Brothers (MC Mong & Eun Ji Won)
Taebongyi (Yoon Sang Hyun)
Goo Joonpyo (Lee Minho)
Shin Aeri (Kim Seo Young)

HOT Multitainer

Lee Seung Gi
Lee Hyori
Kim Hyunjoong

HOT Sport Star

Kim Yuna
Park Ji Sung
Park Tae Hwan
Bong Joong Geun
Kim Yo Han

HOT Body

Lee Hyori
Park Jae Beom
Shin Min Ah
Jessica Gomez
Son Dambi

HOT Style Icon

Lee Hyori

Kim Yuna
Seo In Young
Son Dambi

HOT Fashionista

Shin Min Ah
Yoon Eun Hye
Kim Min Hee
Jang Geun Suk
Kim Nam Joo

HOT Girl Group Style

Marine Look
Hot Pants
Vivid Color
Cyborg Sunglasses

HOT Online Song

2NE1 – Fire
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
SNSD – Gee
8Eight – Without a Heart
Davichi – 8282

HOT Performance Star

Super Junior
Son Dambi

HOT Boom Up Song

Yoon Sang Hyun – Never Ending Story
Kim Yuna – Sing Sing Sing
Park Bo Young – Perhaps That
“Speedy Scandal” team – Superman
Song Seung Hun – When Time Passes

HOT Couple

Kim Yong Joon & Hwang Jung Eum
No Hong Chul & Jang Yoon Jung
Se7en & Park Han Byul
Tablo & Gang Hye Jung
Junjin & Lee Si Young

HOT Mr. Beauty

Kim Hyun Joong
Yoo Seung Ho
Kim Bum
Yoon Sang Hyun

HOT Summer Heat Popularity Award

MC Mong
Lee Seung Gi
Lee Minho

*note: 2AM, 4Minute, KARA, SHINee are not include.. 😦

source: seoulbeat

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‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Girlgroup generation’ are #1 and #2 top searched keywords by young people in their 20s


For the young people in their 20s, the top searched keywords for the year 2009 is ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

Coming 28th August will be the 3rd ‘Mnet 20’s Choice’, and it has been known the top searched keywords amongst the 20s is ‘Boys Over Flowers’, followed by ‘girlgroup generation’ at #2, and then ‘Kim YunA syndrome’ at #3.

A survey was done in June-July amongst 300 young people in their 20s online, another 200 offline and 40 trend leader groups.

Other hot keywords for this year for fashion are ‘bling bling’, ‘vivid’, ‘wavy perms’, and for societal issues, the top searched are ‘Michael Jaskon’, ‘Cho Shik Nam’, and ‘Youth unemployment’.

Other top searched for stars in year 2009 are 2PM, 2NE1, So Nyeo Shi Dae, TaeBongie (a role played by Yoon SangHyun), Park BoYoung, Lee Seung Gi etc.

source: K Bites

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Big Bang TV is next up after 2NE1TV


New series of Big Bang TV will start from 29th July on Mnet showing fans the Big Bang’s current lifestyle in Japan.

The show will show a side of the boys’ lifestyle yet to be shown and also go behind the stage of their ‘Gara Gara Go’ showcase in Japan. It was know that the 5 members have to share 3 rooms in their Japan dormitory and member GDragon and SeungRi are known as YG’s ‘Tom and Jerry’, that they will play around even without the camera around.

There is also a follow-up from members SeungRi and DaeSung’s appearance on ‘Close Note’, and DaeSung revealed in the show, “We are really close now”.

Big Bang TV will be shown on Mnet from 29th July.

source: K Bites

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Jaejoong’s mom wants to be a superstar?


Hey, if it can happen to Susan Boyle, then it can happen for anyone!

Apparently TVXQ Jaejoong’s biological mother, after she was sought out to appear on the show, tried out for Superstar K, also know as American Idol: Korean edition.

Is this a like-mother-like-son case? Can Jaejoong’s mother sing like a canary or did his voice come from his fathers side?

You’ll have to watch the video for yourself; the audition starts around 5:10.




source: allkpop.com

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Kim Joon is next on Mnet Scandal


Another round of fangirls’ heartbreak, T-Max and Boys Over Flowers F4 Kim Joon is next up on Mnet Scandal.

And see the netizens’ responses about this under the cut.


His make-believe girlfriend is such an uljjang.


Netizens say:

  • “If my comment becomes a best-voted comment here, Mnet will be demolished”                   [This comment did went up to the best-voted comment]
  • “Ahh really, let’s make this programme disappear please”
  • “Looks like fun, even though you curse about this, you have to admit the programme is fun to watch”
  • “I hope Mnet Scandal dies”
  • “I was relieved for a while that the whole OneDay was not on the show and suddenly Kim Joon appears! AHH”
  • “He’s so pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ”

Lol, while we are at that Kim Joon’s latest:


KimJoon – Jun Be O.K feat Kim HyunJoong MV:


source: K BITES

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