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SHINee’s Key and SNSD’s Yoona reveal a snapshot

On the 19th, a picture of SHINee’s Key and SNSD’s Yoona surfaced on SHINee’s me2day.

During the SNSD Asia Tour concert, Key featured in one of the performances. Backstage, he played around with Yoona and took a shot to mark their memories.

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SHINee on Hyun Young’s Music Party Radio


The SHINee boys, minus their maknae, recently performed their hit “Juliette” on HyunYoung’s Radio Show. Taemin and his big, ugly hair were conspicuously absent due to his filming schedule for Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun. But the other four gave a truly impressive performance, as their voices were on point all throughout the song. You get to hear Minho‘s sexy, manly voice at around 1:09, and Jonghyun really got into it in the last 45 seconds. Take a listen (or I guess I should say take a look as well since the camera angles got awkward in some places):


credits: randy19973

And an extra little somethin’ somethin’ that will surely make SHINee fans smile:


credits: randy19973

They’re ridiculously cute, I can’t stand it! I will always love these boys simply because they made me feel better about being a noona.



source: allkpop.com

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SHINee Key’s first impression of So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica, “Scary”


SHINee member Key talked about his first impression of So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica when he was still a trainee.

Key was the MC for MBC Every1 ‘Now the pretty boys generation’ talked about his first impressionos of seniors So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica, Sunny and HyoYeon.

Key talked about his first impression of Jessica, “It was scary”. And Jessica said in response, “Don’t even know that.” and everyone burst into laughters.

Meanwhile, on the show Key revealed that his first impressions of Sunny and HyoYeon was good. This episode of the show will be aired on 28th July.

Source: K BITES

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