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Music Bank to be cancelled for the 4th straight week

It’s been almost an eternity since a new episode aired (March 26th was the last), but we are sad to inform you that Music Bank will still be canceled this week.

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super junior is miracle messenger????????

Super Junior, literally Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, dan Kangin yang aktif dengan kegiatan MC nya sesudah promosi album ke 3 Sorry Sorry, akan berparitisipasi dalam sebuah acara “The Human Network Super Junior Miracle” pada KBS tanggal 5 September 2009 ini.

untuk orang2 muda yang merasa tidak punya harapan hidup atau dibuang di masyarakat, mereka akan bersama dengan Park Kyung Lim dan Super Junior akan berusaha untuk meraih impian mereka agar menjadi kenyataan.

Super Junior Miracle untuk impian dan harapan anak muda ini akan tayang 5 September jam 8 malam waktu korea via KBS.


translate :
Super Junior, literally Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, Sungmin, and Kangin that activated in their MC activity after promoted the third album Sorry, Sorry , will be participation in a event “The Human Network Super Junior Miracle” at KBS 5 September 2009.

this event for young people that feel a wish life or people rubbish, they will be with Park Kyung Lim and Super Junior for get their dream for be come true.

super Junior Miracle for dream and wishses the teenager this will show at 5 september at 8 o’clock korea’s time via KBS.

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Music Bank K Charts get complaints from viewers for unsatisfactory chart assessment


Korea Broadcast and telecommunication assessment association has revealed that for June last month, they have received the highest amount of complaints and appeal about unsatisfactory music chart assessment.

They revealed that they have received a total of of 197 cases of complaints from views. And the complaints came mostly targeting at music chart shows.

And just complaints for KBS 2TV Music Bank K Chart complaints itself, thre are 67 cases of complaints.

It has been known that KBS is now currently investigating into the chart assessment system.

It has also been known that there are 24 cases of complaint for cable channel Mnet Scandal – Lee Hong Gi special, where he has to do filming even though he was unaware of the filming.

source: K Bites

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