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4minute HyunA in Uniform


Unfortunately, this is from a while ago, and it’s waist up. I know, you guys are disappointed, cause we all know you love them school girl outfits.

On August 3rd, 4minute member HyunA posted up this photo of herself in uniform on her personal homepage. HyunA stated with embarrassment, “When the heck was this… it was when I used to take the bus to school… why am I so surprised looking at myself…”

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Naver Most Search List

  1. 2NE1
  2. Jessica
  3. SNSD
  4. Brown eyed girls
  5. 2pm
  6. lee seung gi
  7. big bang
  8. park bom
  9. park sandara
  10. mc mong
  11. 4minute
  12. shinee
  13. U-ee
  14. taeyang
  15. IU
  16. CL
  17. yoona
  18. kim hyeona
  19. Ga-in
  20. yoon mirae
  21. dbsk
  22. sondambi
  23. Outsider
  24. sunny
  25. wooyoung
  26. lee bia?
  27. kim jeongmo
  28. kara
  29. yuri
  30. after school
  31. wondergirls
  32. tiffany
  33. g-dragon
  34. gong minji
  35. ft island
  36. nickhun
  37. lee hyori
  38. seohyun
  39. Rain
  40. Jaebeom
  41. t.o.p
  42. t-ara
  43. Super Junior
  44. yoonjongshin
  45. sooyoung
  46. taekyeon
  47. solbi
  48. han seung yoon
  49. roora
  50. drunken tiger

credit: sapphirepearls.com

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2AM Jo Kwon picks 4Minute HyunA as his ideal type of girl


Male vocal group 2AM Jo Kwon has picked 4Minute HyunA as his ideal type of girl.

2AM was on KBS JOY ‘Pretty Boys Carriage’ on 30th July and the members pick from members from idol girlgroups a member to be their ideal girl.

And member JoKwon has picked 4Minute HyunA has his ideal type while ChangMin said, “I think So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri is very cool”. Youngest Jung JinWoo picked 2NE1 Sandara Park while Im SeulOng picked After School UEE.

And then MC Go YeongWook sad, “Truthfully recently I have been paying much attention to 2NE1 Gong MinJi.” and then Shin JungHwan who was around said, “You want to have another scandal” which caused laughter in the studio.

This episode of the show will be aired on 30th July.

source: K BITES

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4Minute HyunA, “When I see WonderGirls doing very well, my heart hurts. But with time, I got better”


4Minute member HyunA talked about her previous group WonderGirls. She was on KBS Star GoldenBell aired on 25th July when she gave a shocking revelation.

She said, “When I first saw that WonderGirls was doing so well, my heart hurts. There was someone new there. But with time I felt alright about it.”

4Minute also revealed that in order to show their teamwork, they have even went around holding one another’s hands. Youngest SoHyun said, “In order to show that we are a group, we even went to the toilet holding hands. The older members found it tiring.”

She added, “HyunA unnie likes to do aegyo to the extremes. It was so scary to see since her tongue will go shorter.”

Source: k bites

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