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[LIVE UPDATES] 2PM, Wonder Girls, Kara, BEAST & more heat it up at Korean Music Festival 2010!

Aaaand it’s that time of the year again: the Korea Times‘ eighth annual Korean Music Festival has arrived and the country’s hottest idols have flocked to the States to bring kpop to the masses in Los Angeles.

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2PM releases It’s Skin CF

Having reported that the 2PM boys went topless in their latest CF filming for It’s Skin recently, the actual CF has been

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2PM’s first comeback stage will be on M!Countdown

Beastly idol group 2PM will make their first comeback stage for their single/mini album Don’t Stop Can’t Stop on Mnet M!Countdown. It seems like M!Countdown has been snatching all the big comeback stages these days, like Rain’s and Hyori’s.

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2PM to continue without Jaebeom!


After much drama surrounding leader Jaebeom leaving 2PM, JYP has finally released an official statement regarding 2PM’s future activities.

Unfortunately, 2PM will continue activities as 6-members, as JYP is stating that Jaebeom does not want to return as of now.

Whether Jaebeom not wanting to return is the truth or not, we have yet to hear. But as of now, 2PM will be 6 members.

Official statement:

Hello, this is JYP.

For the past five days we have listened to what many people had to say regarding the Jaebeom incident. We have listened to the rebukes towards Jaebeom, the rebukes toward our company, and many of you telling us to give him another chance has been carefully heard.

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2PM Wooyoung’s cryptic message?


Shortly after JYP’s official statement about Jaebeom and 2PM moving forward with just 6 members, 2PM member Wooyoung posted a cryptic message on his cyworld page. He changed his main text to “死卽必生SaJeukpilseng,” which according to ♥2pm♥ of 2ONEDAY means “If you wish to live, you will die. If you wish to die, you will live.” It’s a famous saying by the famous Korean general Yi Sun Shin / Lee Soon Shin, as the leader in command said to his soldiers before they went to war.
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Top 30 Most Popular Ring Tones (29 Dec to 30 Aug)

1. SNSD – Gee
2. SeeYa, JiYeon, Davichi – Ladies’ Generation
3. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care
4. Son Dam Bi – Saturday Night
6. Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop
7. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
8. SS501 – Because I’m Stupid10. Davichi – 8282
11. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish
13. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
14. 2NE1 – Fire
15. Davichi – Love & War
17. 2PM – Again & Again
18. Park Myung Soo & SNSD Jessica – Cold Noodles
19. 4Minute – Hot Issue
25. Davichi – My Man
26. VOS – In Trouble
27. Big Bang DaeSung – Big Hit

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‘Idol Special’ on SBS Inkigayo this week – KARA, 2PM, 2NE1, BEG, 4Minute

Nicole – MinJi – GaIn – HyunA for special dance battle on SBS Inkigayo


The members from the different girlgroups will come together for a dance battle.

Members from the 4 female groups will come together for a hot dance battle on SBS Inkigayo on 16th August.

The members are Nicole from KARA, GaIn from Brown Eyed Girls, HyunA from 4Minute and MinJi from 2NE1.

They will show off their sexiness and charms through their individual dance performances.

Who will emerge victory for the dance battle? The members are currently practising for the dance battle. Much anticipation and curiosity as to what songs they will dance to for the dance battle.


KARA to perform 2PM’s ‘Again & Again’


KARA will be challenging themselves to performing beasty idol group 2PM’s hit song ‘Again & Again’.

They will be performing it for ‘Idol Special’ on SBS Inkigayo to be aired on 16th August. The song is a upbeat dance song which won triple crown on Inkigayo for the month of May.
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