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Top 30 Most Popular Ring Tones (29 Dec to 30 Aug)

1. SNSD – Gee
2. SeeYa, JiYeon, Davichi – Ladies’ Generation
3. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care
4. Son Dam Bi – Saturday Night
6. Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop
7. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
8. SS501 – Because I’m Stupid10. Davichi – 8282
11. SNSD – Tell Me Your Wish
13. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
14. 2NE1 – Fire
15. Davichi – Love & War
17. 2PM – Again & Again
18. Park Myung Soo & SNSD Jessica – Cold Noodles
19. 4Minute – Hot Issue
25. Davichi – My Man
26. VOS – In Trouble
27. Big Bang DaeSung – Big Hit


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‘Idol Special’ on SBS Inkigayo this week – KARA, 2PM, 2NE1, BEG, 4Minute

Nicole – MinJi – GaIn – HyunA for special dance battle on SBS Inkigayo


The members from the different girlgroups will come together for a dance battle.

Members from the 4 female groups will come together for a hot dance battle on SBS Inkigayo on 16th August.

The members are Nicole from KARA, GaIn from Brown Eyed Girls, HyunA from 4Minute and MinJi from 2NE1.

They will show off their sexiness and charms through their individual dance performances.

Who will emerge victory for the dance battle? The members are currently practising for the dance battle. Much anticipation and curiosity as to what songs they will dance to for the dance battle.


KARA to perform 2PM’s ‘Again & Again’


KARA will be challenging themselves to performing beasty idol group 2PM’s hit song ‘Again & Again’.

They will be performing it for ‘Idol Special’ on SBS Inkigayo to be aired on 16th August. The song is a upbeat dance song which won triple crown on Inkigayo for the month of May.
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Nominees for MNet 20’s Choice 2009 released!

HOT Drama Star (Male)

Lee Seung Gi (Brilliant Legacy)
Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers)
Kim Bum (Boys Over Flowers)
Lee Minho (Boys Over Flowers)
Yoon Sang Hyun (Queen of the Housewives)

HOT Drama Star (female)

Han Hyo Joo (Brilliant Legacy)
Goo Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers)
Go Hyun Jung (Queen Sun Duk)
Kim Nam Joo (Queen of the Housewives

HOT Movie Star (male)

Ha Jung Woo (National Representative)
Won Bin (Mother)
Kang Ji Hwan (Level 7 Civil Servant)
Jo In Sung (Frozen Flower)
Kim Yoon Suk (Turtle Runs)

HOT Movie Star (female)

Park Bo Young (Speedy Scandal)
Ha Ji Won (Haeundae)
Kim Haneul (Level 7 Civil Servant)
Um Jung Hwa (Insadong Scandal)
Kim Ok Bin (Thirst)


Kim Yuna (Ssing Ssing)
Big Bang &2NE1 (Lollipop)
Seagull (Expert)
Lee Minho (Flower Boy Donut)
Kwak Min Suk (Min Suk Look)

HOT New Star

Wang Suk Hyun
Lee Minho
Kim So Eun
Jang Gi Ha and the Faces

HOT Variety Star

Kim Tae Won
Lee Haneul
Sun Woo Young Nyuh

HOT Character

Teacher Kang of the Dressing Room (Kang Yumi, An Young Mi, Jung Kyung Mi, Kim Kyung Ah)
Sub Sub Brothers (MC Mong & Eun Ji Won)
Taebongyi (Yoon Sang Hyun)
Goo Joonpyo (Lee Minho)
Shin Aeri (Kim Seo Young)

HOT Multitainer

Lee Seung Gi
Lee Hyori
Kim Hyunjoong

HOT Sport Star

Kim Yuna
Park Ji Sung
Park Tae Hwan
Bong Joong Geun
Kim Yo Han

HOT Body

Lee Hyori
Park Jae Beom
Shin Min Ah
Jessica Gomez
Son Dambi

HOT Style Icon

Lee Hyori

Kim Yuna
Seo In Young
Son Dambi

HOT Fashionista

Shin Min Ah
Yoon Eun Hye
Kim Min Hee
Jang Geun Suk
Kim Nam Joo

HOT Girl Group Style

Marine Look
Hot Pants
Vivid Color
Cyborg Sunglasses

HOT Online Song

2NE1 – Fire
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
SNSD – Gee
8Eight – Without a Heart
Davichi – 8282

HOT Performance Star

Super Junior
Son Dambi

HOT Boom Up Song

Yoon Sang Hyun – Never Ending Story
Kim Yuna – Sing Sing Sing
Park Bo Young – Perhaps That
“Speedy Scandal” team – Superman
Song Seung Hun – When Time Passes

HOT Couple

Kim Yong Joon & Hwang Jung Eum
No Hong Chul & Jang Yoon Jung
Se7en & Park Han Byul
Tablo & Gang Hye Jung
Junjin & Lee Si Young

HOT Mr. Beauty

Kim Hyun Joong
Yoo Seung Ho
Kim Bum
Yoon Sang Hyun

HOT Summer Heat Popularity Award

MC Mong
Lee Seung Gi
Lee Minho

*note: 2AM, 4Minute, KARA, SHINee are not include.. 😦

source: seoulbeat

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Inkigayo Girl Groups Mix & Match Special not happening


We reported earlier about the girl groups special taking place on Inkigayo this Sunday. Well, apparently, that was a fake list drawn up by a fan and that has been confirmed by bug@soshified who gave us the original tip. Many of you are going to be disappointed and so am I, but life goes on.

It will still be an afternoon to look forward to on Inkigayo’s Summer Break Special though with 2 planned special stages.

Girl Groups Special: Sorry, Sorry (Super Junior) + Again & Again (2PM)


– Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Jessica [SNSD]
– Seungyeon and Nicole [Kara]
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Girl Groups Mix & Match Special


allkpop reported earlier about the girl group special that was to take place on Inkigayo this week.

For this girl group special, exclusively for Inkigayo’s Summer Break Special, the many girl groups of Korea’s music industry were to perform Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and 2PM’s Again and Again. But it looks like the special has took a step further for the many different members of the participating girl groups, including SNSD, 2NE1, Kara, 4minute and Brown Eyed Girls, will be performing the hit songs of each the girl groups.

Gee (SNSD)
– Yoona, Seohyun [SNSD]
– Park Bom, Sandara Park [2NE1]
– Nicole, Seungyeon, Gyuri [Kara]
– Gayoon, Sohyun [4minute]

How Come (Brown Eyed Girls)
– Miryo, Jea [BEG]
– Tiffany [SNSD]
– Jiyoon [4minute]

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SBS Inkigayo 02.08.2009 – 2NE1 wins 2nd Mutizen!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, the show highlights go:

* Special stages by So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2PM MCs TaekYeon and WooYoung
* Comeback and debut stages by Drunken Tiger, KARA and T-ara
* Usual hot stages by SHINee, 4Minute, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls etc
* 2NE1 wins their 2nd consecutive Mutizen!

SNSD Performances

KARA: Interview and Performances

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Yang HyunSeok, “In 2NE1, the member I anticipate the most is Gong MinJi”


Yang Hyun Seok of YG Entertainment, which recently debuted a new 4-member female group 2NE1, has revealed that the member in the group he most anticipated and expected to make it big is youngest member Gong MinJi.

Gong MinJi is born in 1994 and is currently at a tender age of 15 years old, and is the granddaughter of Korean cultural dancer Gong OkJin. And recently she has caused a topic after giving up on high school to focus on 2NE1’s activities.

Yang HyunSeok said in a recent interview, “Gong MinJi has been training under me since elementary school period. She is a kid who is born while I was doing ‘Dreaming of a BalHae’ as Seo Taiji and Boys.”

“When I look at Gong MinJi, I think about what I was doing when I was at that age. She danced really well just like her grandmother. She is the member who possessed infinite possibilities.”

source: K Bites

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