f(x) Debut Performance on Music Core!


After f(x) recently had their showcase, and also teasing us with their “LA chA TAMV, they finally performed their debut stage on MBC’s Music Core!

On their recent showcase, SNSD’s Sunny commented,

Recently SNSD being the maknae, received a lot of love from fans. But now it looks like the love will pass on to f(x). After I looked at them practicing, I think that they will be a great and successful idol group in the future.

Well, I’ve got to say – these girls really did live up to the hype that’s been building up these past few days. The fivesome kicked it off (literally; Victoria even did a front flip, just like in the MV teaser!) with a prerecorded intro track. Then they traded their black outfits for a theme very similar to the music video – plaidwear, movie theatre lights and all. The talent that these girls possess is definitely not in question – now that we’ve heard their stage voices and seen their performance live, it’s clear that they’re all-around talents. With their acrobatics and fresh tunes, is f(x) upping the ante on the girl group battlefront?

Now enjoy f(x)’s debut performance of, LA chA TA!

Check out the first international f(x) fan forums – Aff(x)tion!

Source: allkpop.com


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