Girl Groups Mix & Match Special


allkpop reported earlier about the girl group special that was to take place on Inkigayo this week.

For this girl group special, exclusively for Inkigayo’s Summer Break Special, the many girl groups of Korea’s music industry were to perform Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and 2PM’s Again and Again. But it looks like the special has took a step further for the many different members of the participating girl groups, including SNSD, 2NE1, Kara, 4minute and Brown Eyed Girls, will be performing the hit songs of each the girl groups.

Gee (SNSD)
– Yoona, Seohyun [SNSD]
– Park Bom, Sandara Park [2NE1]
– Nicole, Seungyeon, Gyuri [Kara]
– Gayoon, Sohyun [4minute]

How Come (Brown Eyed Girls)
– Miryo, Jea [BEG]
– Tiffany [SNSD]
– Jiyoon [4minute]

Fire (2NE1)
– CL [2NE1]
– Taeyeon, Sooyoung [SNSD]
– Hyunah [4minute]

Hot Issue (4minute)
– Jihyun [4minute]
– Yuri, Hyoyeon [SNSD]
– Ga-In [BEG]
– Minji [2NE1]

Honey (Kara)
– Hara, Jiyoung [Kara]
– Jessica, Sunny [SNSD]
– Narsha [BEG]

Girl groups backstage at a recent Inkigayo episode. A preview of what’s to come.




Now this is one summer special that I’ll be looking forward to, I’m excited for the Fire and Gee performance the most. I definitely know all the guys out there are dying of anticipation for this week’s Inkigayo. Check out allkpop later this week to read of coverage on this week’s Inkigayo. It’s gonna be an epic afternoon!

Many thanks to bug@soshified for providing us with the list!



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