Kim Hyun Joong Says Kim Bum is Best F4 Pretty Boy


On a recent broadcast of MBC Good Day, SS501 leader and Boys Over Flowers star Kim Hyun Joong picked cutie pie Kim Bum as his choice for “Best Pretty Boy in F4.”
He explains, “Pretty boy refers to one who has more of a feminine side than a masculine side. I can’t say that I am one.” He then jokingly adds, “I’m a pretty boy all the time when I put on makeup.”

Um…WHAT?! I don’t know who misinformed him, but Kim Hyun Joong, you are most definitely a pretty boy. I’m not sure if he was referring to Kim Bum being a better pretty boy on-screen or off-screen out of the four F4 members, but either way, I would say Hyun Joong’s got Kim Bum beat when it comes to prettiness.





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